There is so much going on in Rostock. Here you can find out more about event-hightlights in rostock.

Due to nearly 15.000 students living in Rostock, you can experience a wide range of events. What takes place when and where – you will find it out here:


Upcoming events in March:

Live in Concert: Jewish Monkeys

10. March 2017, starting 7 pm

They do not joke about others; instead they master the supreme discipline of comedy: taking the mickey out of themselves. The style reminds a bit of the Marx Brothers and their passion for the irrational, to have one´s fling and celebrate an absurd aggressive humour.

Entry: starting from 13€.



Erich-Schlesinger-Straße 19a

18059 Rostock


Live in Concert: Singer-/ Songwriter OVE

17. March 2017, starting 7 pm

Music is the answer! Although nobody asked … The northern German band OVE recorded an album. Those songs don´t make you sad, but they kick you of a cliff and catch you right in the middle of your fall. Everyone believing to know the world´s limits and decides within 30 seconds what is right and what is wrong, should take a little bit more time and just listen deeply to OVE.

Entry: 11,30 € (Box Office)



Warnowufer 56
18057 Rostock


Party: 90’s/Eurodance Party

29. March 2017, starting at 9 pm

The much loved student club „Studentenkeller” open their doors to celebrate the good old ‘90s. Starting with Take That, followed by DJ Bobo and finishing with Nirvana, the best of the weirdest and most colourful decade will be celebrated. Today´s 30 year olds are going to remember their youth … and their big styling mistakes… and today’s young students can find out, what their parents had to listen to.

Entry: Free (until 10 pm)



Universitätsplatz 5
18055 Rostock


More upcoming Events in Rostock and other locations can be found on (but only in German)

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